Nestled in a green valley in the boreal forest of northern Alberta is a small off-grid farm, the home of Roots of the Earth Wellness. On this self-sufficient property, we like to take care of things ourselves using a blend of modern technology and old world wisdom. We built our own house, raise our own food, collect solar energy for our electricity needs, and make as many products ourselves as possible. It’s here that I craft all of my health and beauty products by hand using my knowledge of herbalism and chemistry, the best natural ingredients, solar energy, and lots of love.

About Me

1305 SquareMy name is Jenn Doucet and I’m the herbalist and alchemist here at Roots of the Earth transforming simple ingredients from nature into gold! gorgeous products for your body and home. I’m a chemist by trade and an herbalist at heart. I grew up in a very typical North American home, using drugstore shampoos and lotions, and pharmaceutical drugs for every illness. I loved both science and nature from a young age. I grew up gardening and picking wild berries with my family, and doing science experiments for fun. I loved learning about the world around me and how everything worked. After high school, I decided to study chemistry and then got a job as a lab technician. I knew that a lot of the pharmaceutical drugs that I learned about in school were based on chemicals found in plants but it never occurred to me to study the plants themselves until my mom got really sick from blood pressure medication. She started seeing a naturopath and 532707_10150973808154573_1779746391_nwith my background in science, she asked me to help her research some of the things she was learning from the naturopath. I was fascinated by what I found. I became really passionate about natural health and started studying to become an herbalist. I am now an advanced clinical herbalist student at the East West School of Planetary Herbology studying under world renowned herbalists Michael and Lesley Tierra.

I like to read the ingredient labels on everything (I like being able to pronounce all those weird chemical names!) and it didn’t make sense to me that the same chemicals that required protective equipment when working with them in the lab were in the products I was putting on my skin every day. So I ditched all of the conventional beauty products and set out to create my own natural alternatives. Using my knowledge of chemistry and herbs I began making my own lotions, scrubs, and bath salts and gave them away to all of my friends and family (they’re my guinea pigs!). They all loved the things I was making and insisted on paying me for their refills so I created Roots of the Earth to spread my love of beautiful, natural products to the rest of the world.


About Roots of the Earth Wellness

Roots of the Earth Wellness is where ancient herbal wisdom and modern scientific knowledge combine to provide you with safe, natural health and beauty products that actually work!

Our Ingredients Collage

Health and beauty should go hand in hand. You shouldn’t have to worry about a bunch of strange ingredients in your lotions and cleansers that you can’t even pronounce. That’s why I use real ingredients from Mother Nature so that the products you put on your body are just as safe and natural as the food you eat. Many of the ingredients such as oats, almonds, and coconut oil, can even be found in the aisles of your grocery store! I source as many organic ingredients as possible to ensure that these natural ingredients aren’t contaminated with poisonous pesticides.

Why Natural Matters Collage

Personal health and beauty should not come at the expense of the health and beauty of the planet. You shouldn't have to worry about what's going down your drain and what effects it might have down the line. Since our products are made with ingredients harvested from nature, there are no ill effects when those products return back to nature. So you can wash away your worries and keep your conscience clean.